We get it, crowns are a pain. The archaic trays, gag-inducing molding goo, overall discomfort, the waiting, the inconvenient visits… the list goes on.

That’s why we take great pride in offering one-day crowns at Dr. John D. Mancini Family Dentistry.

Crowns are essentially a custom-fit cap that goes around a tooth that needs extra support for any reason, such as

  • Weakness or decay
  • Excessive wear
  • Teeth that contain a large filling
  • Enhancing a tooth cosmetically
  • Holding in a bridge or implant

We deliver the best crowns that are customized according to each individual patient. The crown material is carefully chosen to be optimal for your needs. We don’t permanently place the crown until it fits perfectly and you are happy with the color and function. We use porcelain crown material that looks like natural teeth.

Our same day crown procedure gives you the ability to enjoy your new smile immediately after your dental implant has been placed. Our state of the art dental milling machines provide you with your own custom crown, ready to be placed and shown off to the world.

Traditionally, crowns take several weeks to have made and placed. You would typically have to come in for some initial visits and have molds taken of the teeth that require the crowns before being sent home to await your custom crown.

Don’t worry, one-day crowns work and function just as well as the crowns you wait several weeks for. The only difference is the modernity of our technology, ensuring you quality and precision-placed crowns. Our innovative team carefully crafts your crown in as little as two hours while you undergo your office visit.

Rather than traditional impressions and trays, our 3D scanning and in-office production capabilities ensure you have the fast and modern dental care you deserve.

The one-day crown procedure allows you to receive an implant, crown, dental implants, or a fully-functioning set of teeth in just one day!

Whether you have just one missing tooth, several missing teeth, no teeth at all, or will have all teeth removed, our one-day services and dedicated staff will provide you with exactly what you need, all in one day!

At Dr. John D. Mancini Family Dentistry, we believe our patients deserve all that modern dentistry has to offer. It’s time to toss the traditions and waiting aside.

Give us a call today for shorter treatment time, long-lasting aesthetics, and permanent results with your crowns.